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Don Tatzin is a 3-time winner of the U.S. Masters Swimming Go The Distance (GTD) annual fitness program. He is also the captain of Oakwood, a relay team that participated in the 10-mile Trans Tahoe Relay across Lake Tahoe from Sand Harbor Beach in Nevada to Skylandia Beach, Lake Forest in California.

Go The Distance

Thousands of members participate annually who have collectively logged a total of more than one billion yards for the year (over 577,000 miles). Members can track their pool or open water swimming distance swum as well as their own fitness activities including running and cycling.

GTD is a self-directed program intended to encourage Masters swimmers to regularly exercise and track their progress. There is no time limit for the distance milestones, except that they must be achieved in each calendar year. Speed does not count - just the effort to attain whatever goal you set for yourself.

GTD is on the honor system. Each athlete tracks the distance they swim daily, weekly, or monthly on their online Fitness Log (FLOG). When certain milestones are achieved, ranging from 50 miles through 1500 miles, the athlete is recognized on the U.S. Masters Swimming website and will receive special prizes from Nike Swim.

There is no cost to enter GTD. Registration is through the My USMS section of the USMS website. The FLOG allows athletes to track all their fitness activities, not just swimming as they simultaneously participate in GTD.

Recent Go The Distance Winners

2007: Carrie Kostopulos 1803.56 miles (2901 km)
2008: Carrie Kostopulos-Doebler 2000.32 miles (3218 km)
2009: Don Tatzin 1543.21 miles (2485 km)
2010: Don Tatzin 1,789.18 (2879 km)
2011: Don Tatzin 1,731 miles (2781 km)
2012: Timothy Martin 2,039 miles (3,281 km)

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