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Dolphin Swimming and Boating Club of San Francisco members
Dolphin Swimming and Boating Club of San Francisco members

The Dolphin Club (also known as the Dolphin Swimming and Boating Club of San Francisco was established in 1877. Also known simply as the Dolphin Club, it has a number of renowned open water swimmers and pilots and a rich open water swimming history.

The Dolphin Club is a nonprofit, public-access athletic organization and an open water swimming pod with a diverse membership of about 900 women and men. Its members swim in the waters of Aquatic Park and participate in the annual Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon. The veteran members include the self-proclaimed Old Goats.

Social Activities

The Dolphin Club hosts great parties, from casual Friday potlucks to our annual Old-Timers' Dinner and Swimmer/Pilot Appreciation Dinner.


The Dolphin Club buildings are owned by the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department and leased to the clubs. Both facilities are open to the public on alternate days each month, Tuesday through Saturday, for a daily fee of just US$6.50. Guests and members of the public must sign a waiver and an attendance log. The facilities include:

• Boathouses for rowboats and kayaks • Men's and women's locker rooms with showers and saunas • Two upstairs lounge areas • Ground-floor toilet and shower facilities • Three inflatable motor craft to maintain safety during Club swims • Weight room with free weights, pulleys, leg-press machines, exercise bikes, Stairmasters...and the best view in town. • A flat-water rowing facility at beautiful Lake Merced, on the western edge of San Francisco in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

The Club has an exterior ramp for handicap access.

Public Access

Alternating days with the South End Club, next door. Tuesday through Saturday, 10 am to 6 pm. Visitors deposit US$6.50 in the box at the entrance and sign the log book. Ring doorbell for access. The Dolphin Club is a nonprofit organization open to all.

Swim Events Calendar 2011

January 1, Thursday, New Year's Day Alcatraz 8:00 am
Feb 12, Saturday, Pier 41 9:30 am
February 20, Sunday, Old Timer's Lunch TBA
Mar 5, Saturday, Gashouse Cove 9:30 am
March 19, Saturday, Yacht Harbor 9:15 am
April 10, Sunday, Pier 39 8:15 am
May 1, Sunday, Dick Beeler Crazy Cove 9:00 am
May 22, Sunday, Bay Bridge 7:00 am
June 1, Wednesday, 100 mile Swim Begins 5:00 am
June 12, Sunday, Crissy Field 7:00 am
June 25, Saturday, Over 45 Twilight Gashouse Cove 6:15 pm
July 16, Saturday, Walt Schneeblie Over 60 Cove 11:00 am
July 23, Saturday, Trans Tahoe Relay TBA
July 30, Saturday, Santa Cruz Pier One Mile TBA
August 7, Sunday, Joe Bruno Golden Gate Bridge 7:45 am
August 28, Sunday, Fort Point 8:15 am
September 17, Saturday, Alcatraz 8:30 am
September 18, Saturday, Alcatraz (date change) 8:30 am
October 1, Saturday, Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon 8:30 am
October 9, Sunday, Dolphin/South End Triathlon 9:00 am
October 31, Monday, 100-Mile Swim Ends 11:00 pm
November 12, Saturday, Pilot Appreciation Dinner 5:00 pm
November 24, Thursday, Thanksgiving Day Cove 8:30 am
November 25, Friday, Grizzly Bear Challenge Begins
December 18, Sunday, New Year's Day Qualifier 9:00 am
December 18, Sunday, Holiday Brunch Party 10:30 am
December 21, Wednesday, Start of Polar Bear Swim 05:00 am
Dec 31, Thursday, Grizzly Bear Challenge Ends 11:59 pm

Dolphin Club Members Who Have Crossed The English Channel

1953 - Toufie Blaik in 16:05 (France to England)
1985 - Suzanne Heim in 10:11 (France to England)
1986 - Suzanne Heim in 10:02 (England to France)
1986 - Suzanne Heim in 10:24 (England to France)
1988 - Diana Abele in 11:20 (England to France)
1990 - John Davies in 10:01 (England to France)
1994 - Laura Burtch in 11:45 (England to France)
1995 - John Selmer in 10:58 (England to France)
1996 - Becky Fenson in 10:12 (England to France)
1996 - Steve Walker in 13:31 (England to France)
1996 - Peter Urrea in 14:38 (England to France)
1999 - Heather Royer in 10:43 (England to France)
2000 - Suzie Dods in 12:37 (England to France)
2003 - Phil Scarborough in 12:08 (England to France)
2003 - Duke Dahlin in 14:37 (England to France)
2004 - John Ottersberg in 14:36 (England to France)
2004 - Si Bunting in 9:44 (England to France)
2005 - Neal Rayner in 13:50 (England to France)
2005 - Brian Herrick in 12:58 (England to France)
2005 - Tom Keller in 11:23 (England to France)

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