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Dnipro International Swim Marathon

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The Dnipro International Swim Marathon is an open water swim competition held in July in Cherkasy, Ukraine. The point-to-point river swim is part of the Global Swim Series and is organized by the Legendary Swim Series.


Since the 15th century, there have been stories about Cossacks who swam across the Dnipro River. There are many beautiful, tragic and heroic stories of legends that have swum the river.


From the eastern bank to the western bank of the Dnipro River, the biggest and longest river in the Ukraine.


750m (Kids), 3 km (Sprint), 5 km (Hero) and 10 km (Legend) + 2x5 km (relay)



Legendary Swim Series organizes events, training sessions and supplies products and is managed by Dmytro Polupan, General Manager at, Oleksiy Syutkin, Sport Manager, and Kostyantyn Fedoriv, Operational Manager/

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