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The Desertas Islands (Portuguese: Ilhas Desertas) are a small archipelago in the Macaronesia region of the Atlantic Ocean. They are within the Portuguese Autonomous Region of Madeira and part of the larger Madeira archipelago. The archipelago is located off the coast of Morocco, roughly between Madeira Islands and the Canary Islands. Deserta Grande Island is located about 25 km southeast of the eastern tip of Madeira Island, Ponta de São Lourenço. The archipelago of the Desertas Islands is a chain of three long and narrow islands that stretch over a north/south distance of 22.3 km. The Desertas Islands, from north to south are Chão Islet, Deserta Grande and Bugio.

Open Water Swimming

It is site of the finish of the 25 km Santa Cruz – Desertas Natural Swim.

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