Descenso a Nado de la Ria de Navia

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Finish of the Descenso a Nado Ría de Navia
Princess Marta Sánchez González, Queen María García López, and Princess Lucia Carrera Pérez with international swimmers at the 55th Descenso a Nado de la Ría de Navia

The Descenso a Nado Ría de Navia (or Navia Estuary Downstream Swim) is one of the World's Top 100 Open Water Swims. It is a multi-race event held annually held in early August on the northern coast of Spain. It is in its 56th edition in 2013. It offers a 5 km men's race, a 3 km women's race, a 1.7 km masters race and a 1.1 km junior race with cash prizes for the men's 5 km and the women's 3 km races of 1000€ for the winner, 700€ for second and 400€ for third. It is also combined on the same weekend as the Copa Asturias (Asturias Cup.

The Descenso a Nado Ría de Navia has been broadcast on live television on Spain's TPA and organized by the Amigos de la Ría de Navia.

Previous Winners

World champion David Meca has won 9 consecutive races and 11 races overall. Two-time Olympic marathon swimmer Francisco Hervas has won 3 races. Olympic marathon swimming bronze medalist Cassandra Patten has also won the 3 km race.


1.1 km, 1.7 km, 3 km, 5 km




City River Navia

Country Spain

Region Europe


Race Director Juan Ignacio Martínez Fernández-Villamil

Event Information

Month: August


Class: Amateur

Wetsuit: No



Male Record by Christian Reichert 5 km: 35´18´´

Female Record by Nadine Reichert 3 km: 25´51´´

Unique Aspects

1. First-time swimmers are called Novatas (females) or Novatos (males).
2. Pregonero is an invited guest who also serves as the keynote speaker at the festivities.
3. A Queen (Reina) and Princesses (Dames) are selected to serve as ambassadors of the Descenso a Nado de la Ría de Navia.

Juan Ignacio Martínez Fernández-Villamil

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