Derek Yach

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Dr. Derek Yach

Derek Yach is an American open water swimmer who competed in the inaugural Cold Water Challenge, a 2.6-mile jetty-to-jetty ocean swim in Penfield Beach in Fairfield, Connecticut and the second Cold Water Classic on 3 May 2014.

Dr. Derek Yach ((born 21 November 1955) is a South African open water swimmer from Cape Town, now living in the United States. His father was Solly Yach and his younger brother is Theodore Yach, two renowned swimmers from South Africa.

Open Water Swimming Highlights

  • On 4 August 1987, he crossed the 33.5 km English Channel from England to France in 9 hours 48 minutes.
  • He swam for Western Province at the South African Nationals in 1972.
  • He completed a 1-mile in 26 minutes 38 seconds at the 2014 the Cold Water Classic is both a 1.2 km ocean swim on Mona Vale Beach NSF in Sydney, Australia.
  • He participated in the Liberty to Freedom Swim in New York Harbor.

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