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The Dee Mile is a 1 km and 2 km river swim in the River Dee in Chester, UK, outside of Liverpool, and is one of the oldest races in the world. The event will be 97 in 2019 with a history which is very nearly continuous, going back to the first time it was held in 1922. It is one of the World's Top 100 River Swims in 2019.


The oldest continuously run race in the world is the 100m Christmas Day Swim in the Serpentine in the center of London which started in 1864, making it 152 years old. The Liffey Swim in Dublin, which started in 1920. Swim Through Perth started in 1912.


It starts at the Red House pub with a downstream course around the Crook of the Dee to finish at the suspension bridge. Being all downstream with the current, the course times vary considerably depending on the seasonal flow with the winning men’s time varying from 19 minutes 48 seconds to 33 minutes 25 seconds.


Water temperatures are typically 14 to 16℃. In 2010, the temperature was the highest at 20℃.

Dee Mile Champion

The Dee Mile Champion is the title for the fastest swimmer, who must also live within five miles of “The Cross” in the centre of Chester and swim without a wetsuit. Recognition is also made for the fastest all-comer (i.e. the rest, regardless of location without a wetsuit) and the fastest wetsuit wearer.


  • Men’s Record Time: D. Craigen 2012 in 19:48
  • Ladies’ Record Time: R. Radcliffe 1997 in 23:57

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