Dean Summers

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Dean Summers is a member of the Australian Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Class of 2020/2021
Dean Summers completed 95.66 km ocean swim between Newcastle and Sydney in New South Wales, Australia on 14 March 2024, creating a lot of Big Swim Memory

Dean Summers (or online nickname Dean Swimmer) is a 64-year-old Australian open water swimmer who swims with Vladswim.

Open Water Swimming Highlights

20 Bridges (Pier A Battery Start/Finish) Results

1 Michael Hanisch 7:35:53 (Sydney, Australia)
2 Rachael Elkaim 7:44:28 (Sydney, Australia)
3 Spencer Schneider 8:05:44 (New York, New York)
4 Dean Summers 8:10:09 (Sydney, Australia)
5 Kenn Lichtenwalter 8:18:08 (New York, New York)

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