David Broyles

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Rush Vann (left) and David Broyles (right)

David Broyles completed a charity swim with Rush Vann across the Strait of Gibraltar that was highlighted in a film produced by Matt Cook and Chantz Hoover called SWIM.

Broyles was a Pararescueman in Iraq and Afghanistan whose job was to save lives and help those in need. After leaving the military in 2005, he wanted to continue that mission. He soon found a charity that provided assistance to severely wounded and disabled veterans, the same men and women David had been tasked with rescuing in Iraq. To raise funds and awareness for their needs through the charity, he wanted a tough challenge in their honor, something worthy and symbolic of their struggles and sacrifice. Broyles soon discovered that fewer Americans had swum across the Strait of Gibraltar from Spain to Africa than had reached the top of Mount Everest. The SWIM documents their journey to achieve their goal, including raising over US$100,000 in donations.

Film Career

Broyles is an award-winning filmmaker with Hazard Pay Productions who studied at the University of Texas and the University of Barcelona, graduating with a degree in English and Spanish. He is a published author and has optioned a screenplay. He currently lives in Los Angeles and is developing two feature films while completing his studies at Columbia University's graduate film program.


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