Münster Day & Night

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Münster Day & Night 24 Stunden - Schwimmen or the Das 24-Stunden-Open-Air-Schwimmen Münster Day & Night is a 24 hour open water swimming competition in Münster, Germany organized by Tauchsportclub Münster E.V. The winners in each division is the individual who swims the greatest distance within 24 hours. Breaks and rests can vary freely as the swimmer wishes.


The course is a 1 km circuit course at the Altarm des Dortmund-Ems-Kanals (500m in one direction). The course is illuminated during the nighttime hours. The competition begins at 2 pm, annually held in July. Swimmers can rest and eat in a heat tent near the course and can swim with or without fins, with or without hand paddles, with or without a wetsuit. The expected water temperatures is between 18-24°C. The entry cost is €8.


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