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Danny Gassaway was born on May 25, 1980. He is currently a Ultra Endurance athlete training for a 25 mile swim across an Oklahoma lake. He is swimming for Active Water. This is a non profit organization. Their website is www.activewater.org. Danny enjoys distance swimming, cycling, climbing, and anything to get his adrenalin going.

Danny first started swimming when he was 18. His mother wanted him to try a new sport. Needless to say, his mother kicked his butt the for the first couple of years in the pool. Danny fell in love with the sport by teaching others how to swim. He has been a member of USA Swimming as a coach off and on since 2002. He is currently an Un-Attached coach in Oklahoma. Several of his swimmers have swum in meets such as the Speedo Championship Series, Zones, and Division I colleges. He has also been the head coach for varsity swimming/diving.

When he is not training, he enjoys watching college sports, being in the outdoors, playing with his dog, and hanging with friends.

Danny owes his thanks to John Turner, Lexie Kelly, Ashley St. Andrews, Daren Wendell (and all of Active Water), his parents, and those who told him he would never make it.

Danny can be found on facebook, and through www.activewater.org within the athletes tab.

Danny currently resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma.