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Daniel Martinez Lobo who coined the concept of the Chorizo Four and the Iberian Peppery Pig Six

Daniel Martinez Lobo is a Spanish open water swimmer from the Serpentine Swimming Club who serves a Marathon Swimming Mentor.

Open Water Swimming Career Highlights

20 Bridges Results on 1 October 2016

1 Dan Canta 7:55:52 (Romania/Australia)
2 Devon Clifford 8:03:10 (Mamaroneck, New York)
3 Maureen Montgomery 8:04:11 (Clearwater, Florida)
4 James Loreto 8:09:44 (Bethesda, Maryland)
5 Daniel Martinez Lobo 8:11:41 (London, United Kingdom)
6 Jaimie Monahan 8:13:20 (New York, New York)
7 Arlene Gonzalez 8:16:18 (Mexico)
8 Caroline Block 8:48:19 (Baltimore, Maryland)

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