Dana Swanson

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Dana Swanson

Dana Swanson is the Marketing Manager at H2O Audio and a former competitive swimmer and coach who surfs, snowboards and skateboards. She is responsible for working closely with H2O Audio’s athlete community and handles all social media communications for H2O Audio.

A hipster originally from San Diego, Swanson did promotions for KGB and KIOZ and is a contributing blogger for Malakye.com.

H2O Audio

Established by athletes for athletes, H2O Audio is the leading provider of high-performance waterproof headphones and accessories for active people around the world. H2O Audio products enable people to enjoy music during any athletic pursuit, including those in or near the water. Available in top retailers nationwide and over 30 countries, including the U.K., Australia, Spain, France, Germany and Japan, H2O Audio is also currently available in REI, Sports Authority and Best Buy stores across the U.S. and in select specialty sports and surf/skate shops.

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