Dan Green

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Dan Green is a member of the Australian English Channel Swim Team who also include Tim Quinlan, Blair Redfern and Rory Pilgrim with Pauline Pratt as their coach.

Green was born in London in 1993 and spent his first eight years there, surrounded by his family and friends. In 2001, he moved with his family to Perth and discovered the joys of swimming in an outdoor pool surrounded by sunlight. Since then, Green has been passionate about swimming and sees it as a way to unwind from his studies in Engineering and Commerce Training at the University of Western Australia. In swimming the English Channel, he will be fulfilling a goal he has had since he was just 12 years old when he first experienced the English Channel swim training schedule with Pauline Pratt. He says that training with his team, who he now regards as some of his closest friends, has been one of the hardest, funniest and best experiences he could have hoped for in the lead up to this record-breaking swim.

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