Dan Boyle

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Dan Boyle

Dan Boyle is an avid American open water swimmer from New York who is a 59th member of the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming.

Marathon Swimming Career

Boyle competed in the 2012 Tampa Bay Marathon Swim and completed the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim in September 2005 in 7 hours 45 minutes after lightening halted the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim earlier in the year. He also crossed the English Channel on 11 September 2006 in 13 hours 24 minutes and the Catalina Channel in 10 hours 55 minutes on 21 August 2012.

Open Water Swimming Support

Boyle was a kayaker for Penny Palfrey on her Bridging The Cayman Islands swim in 2011 and on her Cuba-to-Florida swim attempt across the Straits of Florida in 2012.

He also donated US$1,000 to the fledging U.S. Winter Swimming Association as its first donor.

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