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noun - The Cynthia Earley Educational Foundation is directed by Brian Earley with a mission is to support student-athletes via scholarships. The Cynthia Earley Educational Foundation has awarded over US$13,000 in scholarships to students who are active in their communities, fundraising for the 1-mile or 4.4-mile Great Chesapeake Bay Swim. The scholarships help pay for the student’s current school, college, university or vocational training.

Cynthia Earley Bio

Cynthia Earley is the namesake for the Cynthia Earley Educational Foundation.

She was born to a Career Naval officer and his wife, in Bremerton, Washington, on 4 May 1933. She traveled extensively with her family and sister Cecily as a child, even living in Mexico for over 18 months as a pre-teen. Later, Early attended Chatham Hall preparatory school in Chatham, Virginia. She was a class president and leader of many clubs at “Chat.” Graduating in 1951, she was accepted at Smith College in Amherst, Massachusetts. Before graduation, Earl, her mother and sister embarked on a 2-year tour of Europe.

After returning from Europe, she was employed by Pam American Airlines, and met Joseph Earley. They married in February 1957. After building their family, the Earley’s moved to Annapolis Maryland, in 1967 with her young children.

Cynthia continued to pursue the Arts, History and travel. She graduated from Anne Arundle Community College in 1996 with an Associate of Arts degree. A history enthusiast, she traveled extensively with student and alumnae groups to the England, and St. Petersburg, Russia. She even took a month long tour of the Holy Land including Jordan and Egypt.

A music devotee also, Earley spent over 22 years with the St. Mary’s Catholic Church Choir. She loved especially Naval Academy church services and attended as often as possible. She gave her charitable time to the American Heart association, and many other charities. She was a full supporter of her son Brian’s first attempt to cross the Chesapeake Bay back in 1982, and gave generosity to the American Diabetes foundation, and her many alma maters.

Great Chesapeake Bay Swim

The Great Chesapeake Bay Swim is one of America's Top 50 Open Water Swims and one of the World's Top 100 Open Water Swims and has generated over US$2 million for numerous charities since its founding in 1982.

Cynthia Earley Educational Foundation Winners

The past winners include:

2010 - Taylor Smith
2009 - Erin Luley
2008 - Lisa Hertz
2007 - Erin Luley
2006 - Michael Allen
2005 - Ally St. Claire
2004 - David Collier
2003 - Ashley Green
2002 - Ashley Green
2001 - Adrianne Glasgow
2000 - Carly Plantully
1999 - Ashley Mathews

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