Cumbrae to Largs Swim

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The Cumbrae to Largs Swim is a 1.7-mile channel swim between Cumbrae and Largs in Scotland as a charity swim to support Gillian's Saltire Appeal. The event was founded in 2006 when John Burleigh and 8 others decided to swim the 1.7 mile-channel from Cumbrae to Largs. In 2012, over £12,000 was raised for the Gillian's Saltire Appeal.

Gillian's Saltire Appeal

The Gillian's Saltire Appeal was set up in memory of Gillian Ward who died of cancer in 2005. The charity was set up to honour her memory and make a difference in the lives of others who suffer from the same illness. Gillian's husband, Les, and a group of his friends decided to organise a campaign and raise money to provide practical and meaningful help for people who suffer from cancer.

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