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Cruzanne Macalister

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Michael Becker was part of the support crew for Simon Holliday's 35 km solo swim crossing from Hong Kong to Macau on 24 May 2014 as a fundraiser for the Grate Art project on behalf of Ocean Recovery Alliance. The 10 hour 20 minute crossing was called the The Clean Cross - Hong Kong to Macau Swim 2014 where Holliday was Walkerized with pink dolphins.


Swimmer: Simon Holliday
Paddler: Shu Pu
Support Crew: Arni Highfield, Doug Woodring, Michael Becker, Andrew O'Regan, Kirk Robinson, Maggie Dou, Cruzanne Macalister
Video Camera Crew: Oliver Deppert, Damian Antochewicz, Sam Lewis
Photographer: Anthony Kwan
Aerial Video Pilot: Jeffrey Yim

The Clean Cross Videos[edit]