Cruce a la Leona

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The Cruce a la Leona is the last open water swim of the Bimbo The Open Sea en Punta Leona, a 5-race open water swimming competition held on 26 and 27 April in Costa Rica. It has been held for 25 years in Punta Leona, the largest open water swimming competition in Central America.


Playa Mantas, Punta Leona.


26 April: 1.5 km, 3.0 km 27 April: 300m, 600m, Cruce a la Leona from Playa Blanca to Playa Mantas

The Open Sea

The Open Sea presents a number of open water swimming and running events in Costa Rica and Panamá:

Sister Swim

Its sister swim is the Bimbo The Open Sea en Playa Blanca in Panamá.

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