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Crannog Isle Championship

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The Crannog Isle Championship is a 1-mile fresh water open water swim in Scotland organized by the Ye Amphibious Ancient Bathing Association.


23 August 2015

Ye Amphibious Ancient Bathing Association Events

1 New Year's Day Dook
2 Club Single Tay Championship, 1 mile in May
3 Kirkton Of Balmerino Championship, 8 miles in June
4 Tayport Cup Championship, 1 mile in June
5 Monifieth Championship, 3.25 miles in June
6 Club Under 12 Dash, 300 meters in June
7 Open Harbour Relay Championship, 1 mile in June
8 Double Tay Championship, 2 miles in July
9 Woodhaven Championship, 4 miles in July
10 Veterans Single Tay Championship, 1 mile in July
11 Loch Earn Championship, 6.5 miles in August
12 Crannog Isle Championship, 1 mile in August
13 The Discovery Mile
14 Club Senior Championship, 4 miles in June
15 SASA Midland District Swims 2015

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