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Craig Lewin, founder of Endurance Swimming and creator of Headstrong

Craig Lewin is a 36-year-old American open water swimmer and coach. He is the founder of Endurance Swimming and a USA Swimming Coach, a level 2 ASCA coach, a Level 1 & 2 USMS coach, a Channel Swimming Association Approved marathon swim coach and a Triple Crown Marathon Swimmer. With a master's degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology, a Bachelor's Degree in Sport Movement Science, and a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Sociology, Craig has combined his love of the water with his education to become a well rounded swim coach.

A graduate of Boston College and the Varsity NCAA Division I Swim Team, Lewin was a nationally-ranked triathlete and completed the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming in July of 2020. His swimming expertise has helped him become a successful competitor in the sport of triathlon and now he wants to share his experience, knowledge and swimming techniques.

Lewin developed Headstrong™, a set of innovative swimming educational tools and philosophy.

In 2018 Craig completed a solo crossing of the Catalina Channel in 11 hours and 2 minutes He finished 7th in the 7 hours 25 minutes 28 seconds at the age of 33 in the 45.9 km 20 Bridges Swim around Manhattan Island, New York. In 2020 Craig completed a solo crossing of the English Channel aboard the Viking Princess II in a time of 11 hours and 24 minutes. With these 3 swims, Craig has achieved the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming.


Headstrong™ was invented to help athletes achieve their maximum potential while swimming. It gives insight to proper head position and aids in the correction of total body posture. Headstrong™ is a training tool like fins, paddles, or buoys... designed to aid in the development of your skill level. With its patent pending technology, Headstrong™ delivers continuous "real-time" feedback while you train. With this innovative training device, you now have the unique ability to easily correct your head position leading to a more efficient stroke.

Headstrong™ is made of HDPE which is chlorine resistant and UV resistant. Headstrong™ works for all types of swimming techniques - Freestyle, Breast or Butterfly stroke. Swimmers can also wear the device to provide a focal point... which is especially helpful for doing the backstroke. It was developed for male and female triathletes and swimmers training at any skill level.

It's design uses "range-of-motion" to alert athletes of their head position and is completely undetectable to the swimmer until head position exceeds the recommended posture range.

Endurance Swimming

Members of the Endurance Athlete Program can expect Greater Efficiency, Improved Efficiency, Better Stroke Mechanics, Faster Swim Times, Optimal Power in the Water, Comfort When Swimming in the Open Water, Better Sighting Skills, Comfort with Mass Starts and Pack Swimming, along with a Razor Sharp Swimming Pace.

It offers 3 key training experiences...

1. Team Environment: Intense "Race-Like" experience with instruction from trained professionals at our facility at $150 per month or $20 Drop-in (single session).

2. Private Environment: Semi Private instruction from two to four athletes at the facility of your choice (custom pricing).

3. Online Coaching: Effective Training Regimes and Virtual Coaching from our Experienced Staff at $100 per month

Marathon Swim Stories

2021 Race Results

1st Jennifer Downing 3:15:59, 42 Somerville, MA
2nd Craig Lewin 3:21:15, 35 Canton, MA
3rd Laurie Craigen 3:24:22, 43 South Boston, MA
4th Bradley Rochlin 3:43:08, 25 Boston, MA
5th Adam Homoki 3:43:22, 38 Boston, MA
6th Michael Klonsky 3:44:23, 59 Lynnfield, MA
7th Liz Gray 3:45:32, 44 Belmont, MA
8th Neil Greenspan and Lynne Lawson, 3:46:17 Rhode Island
9th Ryan Hawker 4:00:47, 46 Quincy, MA
10th Polly Madding 4:04:24, 42 East Boston, MA
11th Anuj Sampat 4:06:13, 43 Waltham, MA
12th Ted Hirsch 4:10:35, 60 Hull, MA
13th Sara Wolf 4:20:44, 52 Auburn, AL
14th Kim Garbarino 4:26:46, 63 Winthrop, MA
15th James Penrose 4:28:58, 69 Paris, France
16th Paula Yankauskas 4:34:26, 66 Hyde Park, VT
17th Alyssa Langlais 4:35:19, 45 Merrimack, MA
18th Margaret Lonergan 4:56:10, 31 San Francisco, CA
DNFth Michael Lynch 5:00+, 63 West Roxbury, MA

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