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Cousins Tours and Travel is an Australian specialty travel agency based in Victoria, directed by Gina Harris, one of the organizers of the Great Victorian Swim Series, a 7-race open water swim series in Victoria, Australia.

Cousins Tours and Travel organises swimming holiday trips including the Cinque Terre and Sardinia in Italy and the Dardanelles in Turkey. It also organises trip to do any of the swims around Australia and the world including Fiji, Vanuatu, San Francisco (Alcatraz Island), Hawaii (Maui Channel Swim), South Africa and elsewhere.

Its additional tour categories include Borneo, jewellery, language and culture, running, walking, triathlon, cycling, art, and cooking & culture.


Swim New Caledonia: Swim in paradise from 20-28 October 2012
Dardanelles (Hellespont) Swim 2013: 4k Swim from Europe to Asia from 25-31 August 2013 in Gallipoli, Turkey
Cinque Terre & Ligurian Coast Swim Tour: Explore the 5 towns of the Cinque Terre from the water from 2-8 September 2013 in Italy
Sensational Spain Swim Tour: Swim Barcelona, Costa Brava and more from 10-17 September 2013 in Barcelona & Costa Brava, Spain
Spain Swim Tour - Ibiza and Formentera: Swim Barcelona, Ibiza and around Formentera from 17-24 September 2013

Great Victorian Swim Series

The Great Victorian Swim Series is organized by Cousins Tours and Travel to benefit the thousands of recreational swimmers who take part in individual swims over summer. The aim of the series is to encourage more people to be active and take part in these great community events that help raise money for our surf life saving clubs. The series also aims to raise funds and awareness for The Alfred Foundation.

Great Victorian Swim Series races

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