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Cornel Marculescu is the long-time Executive Director of FINA and a member of the FINA Bureau and FINA Board of Directors. He oversees pool swimming, diving, synchronized swimming, water polo, and open water swimming for FINA, the world's governing body of aquatics.

He received the 2001 Paragon Award from the International Swimming Hall of Fame and an Honour Contributor in the International Swimming Hall of Fame. He was a water polo player for Romania in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and has taken part in every Olympic Summer Games since in various roles. He is ultimately responsible for all FINA open water swimming events including clinics, Olympic Marathon Swimming 10km, FINA 10km Marathon Swimming World Cup, FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix, World Swimming Championships and the World Junior Open Water Swimming Championships and the FINA response in the aftermath of the death of Fran Crippen.

He oversees the FINA Technical Open Water Swimming Committee.


Members of TOWSC

The 2013-2017 FINA TOWSC members include:

Chairman: Ronnie Wong of Hong Kong
Vice Chairman: Jorge Delgado Panchana of Ecuador
Honorary Secretary: Andrea Prayer of Italy

Representatives of the African region:
Joaquim Pestana Costa of Angola
David Ngugi of Kenya
Abdulmonem Alalawi of Egypt

Representatives of the Americas region:
Fernando Terrilli of Argentina
Tomas Haces German of Cuba
Sid Cassidy of USA

Representatives of the Asian region:
Abdulmonem Al Alawi of Oman
Mubarak Abdulla Al Zahmi of United Arab Emirates

Representatives of the European region:
Jean Paul Narce of France
Samuel Greetham of Great Britain
Noam Zwi of Israel

Representatives of the Oceania region:
William Ford of Australia
John West of New Zealand

Events Sub-Committee:
Christiane Fanzeres of Brazil
Ayman Saad of Egypt
Jon Hestoy of Faroe Islands

FINA Bureau Liaison is Dennis Miller of Fiji

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