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Cori McConkle is an American masters swimmer from the Nova Masters who completed the Triple Crown of Pool Swimming together with Jeff Crossen, Jen Schumacher, Bill Sieck, Dan Schumacher, Lee Jacobs, Bach Le, Michelle Brown, Steve Schumacher, Jeff Rovinsky, Randy Kallick, Tanya MacLean, Alex Chueng, John Dauser, Larry Cohen, Kathy Barnett, Gregg Amber, Joe Maehler, Steve Metavesko, Ken Wong, Kurt Kohlhase, Nina Jordan, Kevin Sheraren, Jill Rendl, Kevin Jacobs, Coleen Yanco, Astrid Cybulskis, Wendy Theders, Christine Masterman, Ken Peterson, M.J. Huscz, Heather Stolte, Maureen McKinley, Franco Finizio, Robyn Kehrli, Kim Thornton, Kristi Dauser, Tom Guntrip, Kate Meloney, and Emily Perez.

Triple Crown of Pool Swimming

Triple Crown

The Triple Crown of Pool Swimming is a 3-part pool swimming series developed by Coach Michael Collins of the Nova Masters Swim Team. It is a version of the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming and 100x100s (one hundred one hundreds) and is conducted during the American holiday season in November, December and January. The three swims are as follows:

  • Part 1 includes 50 swims on a 1:40 interval for a total swimming time of 1 hour 24 minutes total time
  • Part 2 includes 75 swims on a 1:30 interval for a total swimming time of 1 hour 53 minutes total time
  • Part 3 includes 100 swims on a 1:20 interval for a total swimming time of 2 hours 14 minutes

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