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Continents Seven: Values for sports, business and life learned throughout the world

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Diego López Dominguez before his English Channel crossing on 6 July 2018 in 11 hours 4 minutes at the age of 36

Continents Seven: Values for sports, business and life learned throughout the world is a book written by Diego Lopez Dominguez, a Spanish open water swimmer from the Canary Islands known as the Global Swimmer, about his Continents Seven achievement. He writes about values for sports, business and life that he learned throughout the world.

Spanish-language Edition[edit]


  • Foreword
  • Introduction 1: Take risks, success is outside of your comfort zone.
  • Introduction 2: Dream big, and don’t stop until you make it.
  • Continents Seven: Develop your personal brand and fly solo.

1. Oceania: Failure as a part of success.
2. Africa: Learn to live with sharks.
3. South America: Follow your own path and goals.
4. Europe: Don’t let any jellyfish stop you.
5. North America: Stop trying to see in the dark.
6. Asia: Find your passion and purpose in life.
7. Antarctica: Trust the process and in your abilities

  • Appendix 1: Arctic: Become the best in your niche market.
  • Appendix 2: Thoughts, future plans and acknowledgements.

Continents Seven[edit]

Continents Seven is a series of 6 different, self-directed solo open water swims that is completed in all of the seven continents of Planet Earth either (1) within one year, or (2) over the course of one's career. The swims must be performed in all of the world's main continuous expanses of land: Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia (or Oceania), Europe, North America, and South America.

2018 Continents Seven Project[edit]

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