Contiguous Solo Crossing Relay

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noun - Contiguous Solo Crossing Relay is an open water swim where any number of athletes completes consecutive point-to-point solo swims or circumnavigations of any duration, length or type in an open body of water and where each swimmer starts after being touched by the previous swimmer who has cleared the water.


In the case of Chris Dahowski, Mike Vovk, David Hartmire, and Jen Schumacher on the Swim 22 relay, each of their legs on their Contiguous Solo Crossing Relay was a one-way crossing attempt of the Catalina Channel. With each swimmer independently following the rules of the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation, they collectively attempted their Contiguous Solo Crossing Relay where each swimmer started only after being touched by their teammate who has just cleared the water on the previous leg. Wherever and whenever their teammates landed is where the next swimmer began.

Swim 22 Relay

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