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John van Wisse who added kilograms of bioprene for his 3-way swim attempt of the English Channel

noun - Bioprene is an alternative term for the layer of hypodermis on the human body, also called subcutaneous tissue. It is mainly used for fat storage and a natural means to help tolerate cold water by open water swimmers.


The channel swimmer purposefully added a layer of bioprene as part of his acclimatization process. The channel swimmer ate a box of donuts every morning in order to add to his layer of bioprene.


  • bio + neoprene or polychloroprene, a synthetic rubber that is used for wetsuits.
  • Neoprene is the DuPont trade name for its brand of polychloroprene.
  • The term was first coined by Steven Munatones in 2011.


Channel fat, au naturale, skins, naked


Neoprene, wetsuits

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