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Codie Grimsey

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Codie Grimsey, Australian National Team member

Codie Grimsey (born 19 May 1990) is a member of the Australian National Open Water Swimming Team. He is the brother of his fellow competitors Trent Grimsey and Ridge Grimsey. He won the 20th annual Flowers Sea Swim in the Cayman Islands in 2012.

Grimsey's Adult SwimFit

He works on Grimsey’s Adult Swimfit together with his older brother Trent Grimsey and is the middle brother of the Brothers Grimsey open water swimming clan.

Early Years

Born at Sunnybank hospital in Brisbane into a family of five, his parents enlisted him in a learn-to-swim program at just 6 months of age as a means of safety.

National Competitions

2011 National Championships: - 1st in the 5km Open Water Event - 5th in the 1500metre pool event - 8th in the 10km Open Water Olympic Trial Event

2010 National Championships: - 4th in the 5km Open Water Event - 4th in the 10km Open Water Event


Having the persistence to always be improving. Inspired by Muhammad Ali, Steve Prefontaine and his parents.

International Experience

2010 Samoa Oceania Swimming Championships: - 1st in the 10km Open Water Event - 2nd in the 5km Open Water Event - 3rd in the 1500 metre Pool Event

2010 New Zealand King of the Bay Ocean Swim: - 1st (3.8km event)

2010 Brazil King of the Sea: - 1st in the 700 metre sprint challenge - 7th in the 7.5km Ocean Swim

2010 Hawaii: - 1st in Maui Channel Relay - 4th in Waikiki Rough Water Race

2011 Shanghai, China, [FINA World Championships]: - competing in the 5km and 25km events


The journey is what gives us happiness, not the destination - Dan Millman.


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