Cocos Lagoon

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Guam Cocos Crossing courses

Cocos Lagoon is located at the southern tip of Guam between the southern shore of the village of Merizo and Cocos Island, a small atoll located on the fringing reef. It is partially protected from the open ocean by the fringing reef and has a deep channel running through it. With open access to the deep sea surrounding Guam, it is teeming with ocean life including, sea turtles, manta rays, and occasional jellyfish and reef sharks. Swimming conditions are very good, but vary with wind and weather. Currents may be experienced based on conditions and location, especially around channels and in front of the Merizo public pier.

Visibility is very high, over 100 feet and temperature is warm at a very comfortable 80°F.

Guam Cocos Crossing

The Guam Cocos Crossing offers four different races: 2.5 mile, 5 km, 10 km, and Neptune Swim with fins, mask and snorkel in Cocos Lagoon in Guam in a semi-protected open ocean course.

2016 Guam Cocos Crossing

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