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noun, verb - Coasteering is a pentathlon of beach bouldering, open water swimming, cliff diving, spelunking, and rock climbing.

Coasteering is a mixture of open water swimming, climbing, scrambling, and traversing the coastline. When it is safe to do so coasteering also allows you to jump into the sea from height. You can explore areas of the coast that you would never normally see. Coasteering is ideally a group activity that allows you to have fun with friends, family or corporate colleagues.

It is an activity guided and promoted by the International Coasteering Association, an online forum for like-minded individuals and companies who want to improve Coasteering internationally. The non-profit International Coasteering Association is available to anyone who is involved in the sport, but it is not a regulatory body and does not cost anything to join. Its purpose is to create to increase the safety, environmental and developmental aspects of Coasteering.

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