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Clem Turner is the Psychology Coach at the Swim Camp Malta in Malta, a one-week intensive open water swimming camp featuring Adam Walker and Keith Bartolo.

Turner is a qualified Clinical Therapist and a senior member of the General Hypnotherapy Register, the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council, an Accredited Member of the NationalCouncil for Hypnotherapy, the UK Register for IBS therapists, The National Register for Hypnotherapists, the NHS Directory for Complementary and Alternative Practitioners and the Register for Evidence Based Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy. Specialising in stress, anxiety and panic attacks, pain management, confidence issues, fears, phobias and sports psychology, he has over 10 years experience in helping clients reach the top of their game in swimming, equestrian eventing, ice skating, skiing, golf, martial arts, snooker and football. He is practitioner in Hypnotherapy which can create positive focus, helping people to achieve their full potential. Also, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) which reduces negative emotions and fears, Neuro Linguistic Programming, helping clients to focus on what they do want rather than what they don’t want.

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