Circle of Success: Lessons from a Lifetime of Sport

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Book co-authored by Bill Leach and Ted Newland
Co-author Bill Leach

Circle of Success: Lessons from a Lifetime of Sport (ISBN 1439274053) is a book co-authored by Bill Leach and Ted Newland.

Book Description

Premier athletes offer guidance on how to achieve personal success. Co-authors present lessons drawn from lives immersed in championship-level athletics. The Circle of Success is an inspirational guide by Bill Leach and Ted Newland, a former Olympian and the winningest coach in the history of NCAA water polo, that seeks to apply insight gained from the authors’ careers in competitive sports to help readers set goals to achieve a successful life and personal fulfillment.

Newland and Leach have known each other for more than fifty years, developing from a coach-athlete relationship to one of friendship and mutual respect as each has built a career out of superior athletic performance. Now these men provide 37 short vignettes from their own lives, boiling down the essential elements of their success and offering them for application to any roadblock to success. Weaving personal narrative with unique insight, the book is intended to help not only young athletes but also adults seeking to achieve greater success in their business or personal lives.

"As I got older I came to realize that many of the experiences I had in various sports are universal and offer powerful lessons about dealing with success and failure," says Leach. "What I’ve learned can be applied to everyday life, at work, or in relationships."

The book contains stories that are touching, humorous and sometimes humbling as readers experience the authors’ frustrations and setbacks as well as their victories.


Leach grew up in Southern California, playing water polo, swimming, kayaking and competing in triathlons. He was named All-American in water polo and swimming and played on the U.S. national water polo team. Leach also kayaked in the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games and was ranked as a top-10 triathlete during the 1980s, going on to compete in more than 300 triathlons. He now coordinates races in California.

Ted Newland is a premier water polo coach, holding the record for the most NCAA water polo victories. He and Leach have known each other for more than fifty years, Newland having coached Leach in water polo in high school, college and on the U.S. national team. Newland also helped found the water polo program at Corona del Mar High School, one of the premier High School water polo programs in the United States, and currently serves as an assistant coach there.

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