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Christina Fonfe is the founder of the Sri Lanka Women’s Swimming Project (WSP), a small UK Registered Charity No 1129236 without paid employees. The Sri Lanka Women’s Swimming Project was founded after the 2004 tsunami, where 80% of those who drowned were women and children. Even now, up to 3 people every day still continue to drown on the beaches, lakes and rivers of Sri Lanka. Indeed, more Sri Lankans drown than die of dengue fever. Worldwide, a million people drown every year. Drowning is a serious killer of global epidemic proportions.


The Sri Lanka Women’s Swimming Project (WSP) is a community drowning reduction program to teach poor rural and coastal women and teenage girls to swim and empower them to teach their own children and make them safe near water.

The World Health Organisation reports a global drowning epidemic of a million deaths each year, mainly in tropical Asia. Generally, swimming is commercialised and run by men. The WSP specifically addresses those cultural barriers which prevent the majority of Asian women and girls from learning to swim. The WSP directly trains and employs female non-swimmers to solve the drowning problem through economic empowerment.

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