Chris Yiannakis

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Chris Yiannakis assisted Martin Hobbs in his 64-day 596.6 km solo stage swim across Lake Malawi in Africa

Chris Yiannakis is a South African who serving as the sponsor and planner for the unprecedented 64-day, 596.6 km Lake Malawi Swim by Martin Hobbs, a South African open water swimmer

Lake Malawi Stage Swim & Crew

He assisted with the Lake Malawi Swim is a 64-day 596.6 km solo stage swim between 20 February - 24 April 2019 by Martin Hobbs with the help of Oresti Yiannakis (Boat Captain & Sponsor), Steven Hobbs (Jetski escort pilot), Chris Yiannakis and Andrew Yiannakis (Sponsors and Planners, and Russell Malherbe (Paramedic and Tech Guy). The Lake Malawi Swim is a charity swim for the Smile Foundation.

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