Chris Sikkens

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Chris Sikkens is an escort crew member and observer.

Open Water Swimming Highlights

On 13-15 September 2019, he assisted Cameron Bellamy on his 150 km solo charity swim from Barbados to St. Lucia in the Caribbean Sea to support the Ubunye Challenge in 56 hours 55 minutes. Bellamy started at 8:18 am on 13 September 2019 and finished at 5:13 pm on 15 September 2019. The swim was ratified by the Barbados Aquatic Sports Association. His crew included:

• Captain Jono Jones
• Assistant Captain Adrian Joseph
• Mechanic Shemar Carrington
• Medic Mark Small
• Medic Karen Dunbreaker
• Head Official Observer Alison Pile
• Official Observer and Barbados Aquatic Sports Association Representative Rene Dulieu
• Support Crew member and Reserve Observer Chris Sikkens
• Support Crew member Kristina Evelyn
• Support Crew member Amanda Garcia
• Support Crew member Karen Turner
• Support Crew member Mark Farmer
• Support Crew member Hudson Harr (temporary – on crew for 1st day and last 3 hours)
• Support Crew member and reserve observer Geoff Farmer (temporary – on crew for 1st day)
• Support Crew member and reserve observer John Howard (temporary – on crew for 1st day)

Barbados to St. Lucia Channel Swim

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