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Chris Sifleet, founder of Inchbaggers Island Swims and host of the Inchmurrin Swim Camp in Loch Lomond, Scotland

Chris Sifleet is a British open water swimmer and coach.

Open Water Swimming Career

  • On 5 September 1976, she swam 33.8 km across the English Channel from England to France in 14 hours 56 minutes.
  • On 30 August 1979, she swam 33.8 km across the English Channel from England to France in 20 hours 15 minutes.
  • Sifleet has completed two two-way crossings of Windermere in the Lake District of England
  • Sifleet has swum across Torbay Bala Lake, Mew Stone Rock Dartmouth to Torquay, Eddystone Lighthouse to Plymouth, first woman Weymouth to Lullworth Cove and return and many other marathon swims
  • Sifleet is a coach of long distance swimmers on Loch Lomond under Inchbaggers as the only approved Channel swimming coach north of Windermere. She is the most experienced coach in Scotland and has been swimming and coaching for some years.
  • Sifleet is one of the race directors of the Vampire Swims
  • Sifleet runs her own swim escort business on Loch Lomond and regularly escorts swimmers across, the length of the Loch. She has her own boat and enjoys passing in her knowledge to others.
  • Sifleet has escorted the fastest male, the winner of the women's BLDSA one way swim in 2016,


Inchbaggers is a company staffed by open water swimmers who have swum the swims and escorted swimmers to achieve their aims and ambitions with safety as their primary concern. Inchbaggers escorts and assists swimmers to swim the entire Loch (24 miles), around the islands 200 metres to 7k or any other distance they desire. It provides training plans, coaching, nutritional advice, local knowledge and information, and help make their stay as enjoyable and successful as possible.

Vampire Swims

Sifleet is one of the race directors of the Vampire Swims, a series of open water swims held on 31 October.

Vampire Swims are also a great way to kick off the cold water, winter swimming season in those locations where swimming continues year round. Entry fee for these swims will include proof that the swimmer has donated blood within 6 weeks prior to the swim. Some venues are arranging a blood mobile to collect donations immediately after the swim. Those who cannot make a donation of blood for medical reasons can make a cash donation to the Red Cross or some other similar organization. A US$10 registration fee will also be expected of each swimmer to cover the cost of a custom, bloody-toothed swim cap and other incidental expenses with any remainder also to be donated to the Red Cross or other equivalent organizations that collect and distribute blood.


• Newport, Vermont (Lake Memphremagog) (Phil White)
• Boston, Massachusetts (Greg O’Connor)
• New York, New York (Jaimie Monahan)
• Westport, Connecticut (Liz Fey)
• Ottawa, Ontario (Nadine Bennett)
• Kingston, Ontario (Deborah Durbin)
• Loch Ness, Scotland (Helen Beveridge)
• Loch Lomond, Scotland (Chris Sifleet)
Flathead Lake, Polson, Montana (Mark Johnston)

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