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Chris Ring is an American open water swimmer and Navy officer who has served multiple deployments as a United States Navy service member.

Ring and his wife have a burning desire to keep the legacies of our Fallen Heroes alive and to specifically bring awareness to the sacrifices of these spouses who have given so much. He has made his first order of business, following his honorable discharge, to honor and remember the sacrifice of the thousands of Americans who have given their lives during the Global War on Terror and to honor the sacrifice their families will forever endure. In order to accomplish this, he joined the Legacies Alive team to strengthen and support every family of the fallen and bring national awareness to the life and character of each service member who paid the ultimate sacrifice for the USA.

Swim For Their Sacrifice

Ring swam with a wetsuit and fins 2,350 miles (3782 km) the Mississippi River between June and 4 December 2015, called the Swim For Their Sacrifice. He is the second person to complete this stage swim after Martin Strel completed the feat in 68 days in 2002. He swam from Lake Itasca in Minnesota to “Mile 0 Marker” in the Gulf of Mexico from 6 June to 4 December 2015.


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