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Chris Peters is an open water swimmer and one of the co-founders of the North Shore Swimmers, an open water swimming pod of athletes that co-organises the RE7 North Shore Challenge for Camp Trillium on Lake Erie in Norfolk County, Canada and part of the Canadian Open Water Swim Series.

North Shore Swimming Club

The North Shore Swimming Club was established in 2008 by Scot Brockbank, Wayne Boswell, John Rolfe, and Chris Peters on the North Shore of Lake Erie.


During the summer, the club run 3 open water swimming sessions per week. The start and end dates are determined by the water temperature of Lake Erie. These sessions are for members only.

RE7 North Shore Challenge for Camp Trillium

Co-founded by Josh Reid and Annaleise Carr, the 3-race event (750m, 1.5 km, 3.8 km) is held on 28 June 28, 2015 and is located at Turkey Point, just west of the designated/buoyed swim area in the Turkey Point Provincial Park.

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