Chris Greene Lake Swim

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The annual Chris Greene Lake Cable Swim (also called the Chris Greene Lake 1- and 2-Mile Cable Swims) is one of the longest-running open water swimming competitions in America. It is one of America's Top 100 Open Water Swims.

Masters swimmers of all ages, backgrounds, and corners of the globe have been flocking to Charlottesville, Virginia, to compete in the 1- and 2-mile races since 1977. Beginning in 1980, Chris Greene Lake has also been a frequent site for U.S. Masters Swimming National Open Water Swimming Championships, and is part of the Virginia Open Water Series.


1 mile, 2 miles




City Chris Green Lake, Charlottesville

State/County/Province Virginia

Country USA

Region Americas



Event Information

Month: July

Event Date: 14 July 2012


Class: Amateur

Wetsuit: No

Charity: No

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