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Chip Carrigan

Chip Carrigan is an American open water swimming referee who has officiated at four USA Swimming National Open Water Swimming Championships, the 2011 Pan American Games in Mexico, and other American open water swimming competitions. He was selected as the Championship Referee for the 2013 USA Swimming National Open Water Swimming Championships in Castaic Lake in Southern California and is one of America's most passionate supporters of open water swimming.


He organizes and promotes three different age-group open water swimming championships: the Ohio Open Water Swimming Championships, the Kentucky Open Water Swimming Championships and the West Virginia Open Water Swimming Championships that are included in America's Top 100 Open Water Swims.


Carrigan has an eye for promotion, safety and an enjoyable competition. He is a quiet, efficient, professional organizer, he works tirelessly for the good of the sport, and support of the athletes.

"We are committed to disclosing as much information online as desirable: the expected air and water temperatures, water quality, mandatory maximum and minimum water and air temperatures allowed, the mandatory conditions for cancellation and postponement, the course layout and our safety personnel both onshore and in the water - certified lifeguards and the Sierra Club Certified Water Rescue Kayakers with communications. We have emergency medical technicians on site as well as ambulances and registered nurses at the finish evaluating each finisher and anyone whom abandons the race early.

There are no blinds spots on course. That is, no swimmer will ever be, in any part of the course, that is not being constantly monitored by our safety personnel."

FINA Official

He is a FINA open water swimming race official.

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