China Walls

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China Walls in Portlock on southeastern Oahu, Hawaii
Stephen Redmond finishing at China Walls in Portlock on Oahu

China Walls is infamous in Hawaii for its breathtaking beauty and treacherous waters. Due to the numerous fatalities that have taken place over the years, China Walls surf break has gained the reputation of being unpredictable and deadly. It is considered by some, to be a “rite of passage” to leap off the cliffs of Portlock into the rolling surf below.

The bottom is a jagged reef, but equally as dangerous are the jutting cliffs.

It has also been the finishing point of 3 Molokai Channel swimmers: Stephen Redmond, Michael Ventre and Kim Chambers.


Portlock is a beachfront community on the island of Oahu that is made up of three separate neighborhoods where home prices start in the millions of dollars. Home sale prices in Portlock start at over $1 million. Homes that are located in the low-lying flat area close to the beach are priced anywhere from $3 million - $10 million, depending on the layout, land size, and square footage of the home. Portlock is only about 15 minutes from Honolulu, just east of Diamond Head volcano.


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