Chantz Hoover

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Rush Vann (left) and David Broyles (right)

Chantz Hoover and Matt Cook of Hazard Pay Productions produced SWIM, a film about David Broyles and Rush Vann's charity swim across the Strait of Gibraltar that raised over US$100,000 for disabled veterans in donations.

Hoover was born and raised in Austin and graduated from the University of Texas in 2002 with a bachelor's in Radio-Television-Film. He has been acting in films since he was fourteen, and has worked on over thirteen productions, not including television and commercials. After starting a successful company in 2003, Hoover found his passion included not only film, but also business and working with people. To follow those passions, Chantz moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in producing. He returned to Austin to work on SWIM and now continues to produce and pursue projects while working as a Sales Manager/Video Producer of the Austin-based Republic Tequila.


"This film has been a labor of love and the process has been more gratifying and unforgettable than we could’ve imagined. It's a documentary about struggle, hope, and sacrifices. SWIM is not about politics - it’s about people."