Channelling Positivity Foundation

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Channelling Positivity Foundation, founde by Justine Drury and Kate Vines, offers a campaign aimed at inspire young people and communities to lead positive lives by taking on physical challenges. It is the outcome of their SNC Channelling Positivity 2-person English Channel relay of 25 July 2011 where they raised nearly £13,000 for the South Nottingham College and Teenage Cancer Trust and received the Outstanding Achievement Award at the 2011 Nottingham City Council's City Sports Awards and the Channel Swimming Association Special Award for their efforts.

Justine Drury

Drury is a full-time working mother who teaches physical education two days a week at The National Church of England Academy in Hucknall. She also runs her own training and education business called Tiger Solutions.

Kate Vines

Vines is a Graphic Designer at Paper Rose Ltd, designing greeting cards. She also help coach at the Calverton & Bingham Swimming Club.

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