Channel crossing

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A channel swimmer escorted by a support crew, a pace swimmer, and John Pittman on the Outrider on a Catalina Channel crossing

noun - Channel crossing (or channel swim) is a non-stop solo swim by an individual or a non-stop relay swim by a group of swimmers across a channel, usually completed without a wetsuit or other equipment like fins, and escorted by a boat, pilot and support crew.

A channel crossing that crosses a natural or man-made body of water, generally understood as an ocean strait, between two land bases or two larger navigable bodies of water, although it can also refer to a traverse between two islands or across a river, slough, archipelago or bay. Channel crossings are generally understood to be a marathon swimming distance (either 10 kilometers or 25 kilometers), but can also be a shorter distance.


The athlete was preparing for her longest channel swim yet by training four days a day. Kevin Murphy has completed 34 channel crossings of the English Channel during his career.


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