TYR Champions Cup - Lipetsk

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TYR Champions Cup - Lipetsk is a 1 km, 1.85 km, and 5 km race held in June in the central promenade of the city in the river Voronezh in Lipetsk, Russia that is part of the TYR Champions Cup. It is one of the World's Top 100 River Swims.

River Voronezh

The Voronezh is a river in Tambov, Lipetsk, and Voronezh oblasts in Russia, a left tributary of the Don. The Voronezh River is 342 kilometres long, with a drainage basin of 21,600 square kilometres. It freezes up in the first half of December and stays under the ice until late March.



The Champions Cup has grown to over 5000 participants in its first four years.


Winners in the past 4 years have included Valerio Cleri of Italy, Christian Reichert and Alexander Studzinski of Germany, Michael Sheil of Australia, Evgeny Dratcev and Daniil Serebrennikov of Russia.

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