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Benoit Lecomte of The Longest Swim, a swim of 5,419 miles (8,721 km) that will start in Choshi, Chiba Prefecture, Japan and finish in San Francisco, California, USA

Chōshi is a coastal city on Japan’s Cape Inubō in Chiba Prefecture. It’s home to a large fishing port. The Chōshi Electric Railway links the area’s sights. Enpuku-ji temple has an ornate pagoda and a seated Buddha statue. The 19th-century Inubōsaki Lighthouse offers panoramic Pacific views. Hot-springs resorts are nearby. To the west are the towering Byōbugaura cliffs and Kujukuri Beach, with its strong surf.

The Longest Swim

The Longest Swim is Benoit Lecomte's solo stage swim that starts in Choshi, north of Tokyo, in May 2018 and crosses the Pacific Ocean to San Francisco, California, USA. He estimates that this stage solo swim will take approximately 6-8 months to cross over 5,419 miles (8,721 km) across the world's largest body of water.

The Longest Swim Video

Ben Lecomte will attempt The Longest Swim from Choshi, Japan to San Francisco, California in a transoceanic assisted stage swim, 5,419 miles (8,721 km) across the Pacific Ocean starting on 5 June 2018.

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