Cayman Islands Amateur Swimming Association

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noun - The Cayman Islands Amateur Swimming Association (CIASA) was established in 1986 as the governing body formed to promote, advance, develop and oversee swimming, water polo, and other aquatic activities at all levels in the Cayman Islands.

CIASA maintains national affiliation on behalf of the Cayman Islands with FINA (Fédération Internationale de Natation Amateur), the international governing body for aquatic sports. With corporate sponsorship, the CIASA offers a series of open water swims throughout the year. It also coordinates and supports the Cayman Islands National Teams to international competition, from CARIFTA to the Olympics, and organize coaching for Masters.

CIASA encourages everyone to enjoy the active and fascinating recreational sport of open water swimming as part of a nationwide open water swim series. Participants range in age from under 10 to over 70. Novices will be pleased to learn that salt water is much more buoyant than fresh, so its sea swims are an easy and enjoyable way to experience Seven Mile Beach and other locations around the Cayman Islands.

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