Catalina Screaming

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Screaming Catalina Relay (or the California Screamin' Relay) was a 6-person relay that set a new circumnavigation swim record around Santa Catalina Island using a super-wide route that extended the circumnavigation by an additional 50 miles by swimming around Santa Barbara Island for a total distance of 100 miles, completed in 51 hours 55 minutes 7 second in 2015.


Tina Neill served as relay captain and first leg of Catalina Screaming (a play on name of Disney roller coaster California Screamin') followed by Emily Evans, Melodee Nugent, Kent Nicholas, Ernie Hoftyzer and Forrest Nelson with Captain John Pittman as the escort pilot on the Outrider.


The team swam from Doctor's Cove on Santa Catalina Island around Santa Catalina Island to around Santa Barbara Island to return around the remaining part of Santa Catalina Island to finish at the Isthmus in 51 hours 55 minutes in 2015.

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