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Meis, as it is known in Turkish language, is the Dodecanese Greek island of Kastellorizo. It is the closest Greek island to the Turkish mainland and the smallest and most easterly of the Dodecanese Islands situated roughly halfway between the well-known island of Rhodes and the major Turkish Port of Antalya.

Open Water Swimming[edit]

The Meis-Kaş Swimming Competition is a 7.1 km cross-border (Greece-to-Turkey) open water swim in June from the harbour of Castellorizo (aka Castellorizon or Kastelorizo, Greece to Kaş Harbour in Turkey. Castellorizo is known in Greek as Megisti and, in Turkish, as Meis. The race is part of the Kaş Festival organised by the Kaş Municipality.

Kaş - Meis Swimming Competition[edit]

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