Castaic Lake Marathon Swim

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Castaic Lake
Castaic Lake

The Castaic Lake Marathon Swim is an 10km open water swimming competition held in Castaic Lake north of Los Angeles, California that attracts age-group swimmer, triathletes and some of the most renowned masters swimming and professional marathon swimmers. It is a relatively cold water swim annual held during the first week in April.


10 km




Name Michael Muna


Event Information

Month: April

Website: Castaic Lake Marathon Swim

Class: Amateur and Professional

Wetsuit: Yes

2012 Results (Top 5 Overall)

1. Phil Ireland, 2:10.34
2. Hank Wiseman, 2:11:02
3. Parks Alots, 2:11:05
4. Alexandra Carol, 2:13:44
5. Nick Aforce, 2:16.17